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We offer a variety of services to fit your budget with NO CONTRACTS. Come back because you love to, not because you have to.

By reestablishing clean movement patterns we will help to ensure your long term health.

Your long term health is the key to maximizing fitness goals ranging from performance enhancement to strength gains and weight loss.

In addition to our work with athletes we work with post rehab, injury prevention and general populations.

Our coaches are committed to their professional development and education to assure you of the most efficient and effective training possible.


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is to help you move better

Real Work. Real Results.

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Real Work.
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Client Testimonials

The team at Breakthrough, led by Josh Hostetler, has been incredible to work with. The experience has really been life altering and had changed the way I look at myself and exercise.

Sue Schneider

Breakthrough is outstanding. I go there and it has helped me get stronger, lose weight, and feel better. My son, a high school athlete, also trains there and it has made him quicker, faster, and stronger. I’m a HUGE fan and would highly recommend any of the four trainers I have personally worked with. Their small group classes in the mornings and evening are also very good.

Patrick O'brien

The most amazing place to train hard while keeping yourself safe from injury! Trainers who know their stuff, and how to get great results for a wide range of clients. My kids are athletes, and made it through their high school, and now college years without significant injuries thanks to the training they received here. I am a middle-aged mom who is in the best shape ever thanks to boot camp! If you want to train hard, but well, this is the place to go!

JoAnn Meyers

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