Movement assesment

This assessment is for those new to personal training with us. We spend our first appointment with you observing and assessing movement patterns before before designing a plan tailored to you.

Cost: $100

Private INdividualized Training

Our private training is designed in the moment to meet the needs of where you are today implementing your long term goals.

Day to day, our bodies evolve based on activities, stress, nutrition and more. Your personalized program ebbs and flows with you with coaching to meet your long term goals.


Cost: $50-125 (varies by coach)

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This group is composed of similar performing individuals organized by the coach or by the individuals who’d like to train together but prefer a smaller class size.

Semi-private groups are limited to 6 people.


Cost: $30-60 (varies based on coach)


Yoga isn’t just about stretching. True yoga focuses on the breath and connecting with your body, respecting its boundaries and learning how to move within its space.

Cost: $15

move camp

This is a group fitness class that is centered on quality fundamental movement patterns as the foundation of strength. Class is limited to 10 participants.

Cost: $15 (drop-in)

*Class packages available for $150 / month, unlimited


Team training

Team training is available through our coaching staff for a perfectly tailored program to fit your needs.

Group training is a great complement to our personal training and also an option that works very well on a stand-alone basis. Our positive, high-energy approach keeps the classes moving quickly – and will leave you wanting to come back for more! We also offer custom small group training, in groups of as small as two students. We’ll design those classes to meet the specific goals of the participants.

Cost: Contact us to learn more about how we can help your team!

Cincinnati weightlifting club

The Cincinnati Weightlifting Club is a USAW recognized club, training the Snatch and Clean-and-Jerk. These are the lifts of the Olympic games and are commonly known as the “Olympic lifts.”

This is NOT power lifting (bench press, squat, dead lift) or toning or body building (a “sport” where judgment is based upon muscle size and symmetry). There are plenty of clubs around that cater that sort of cake-boy lifting.

Cost: Contact us for more information

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